Monday, June 20, 2011

After the Bruise

I'll skip the cliche intros and just get to hit the nail straight on the head.

Disclaimer: Any unnecessary words used here is not unintentional, it is purposely intended to actually bring out the reality of this life we call our world.

Now let's go on an imagination ride. Imaginations are good sometimes you know.

Now imagine a little child crawling, say 10 months old, then he tries to get up. He fumbles a few steps and then crashes down. (Loud infant cry). Parent comes and picks him up, pats him and the cry stops.
Now the child falls and is comforted, right?

We'll have to be patient on this one, come along with me on the next imagery. (This one is sweet).
Chocolate skinned lady walking down Idumota road. Police shades, Prada bag, Skinny jeans (not too tight), she lost her Swatch yesterday and had to manage the Blue Puma watch to match her Gucci shoes.

Elizabeth Arden is kind enough to share her scent with Perry Ellis in a combo smell that mesmerizes your nostrils when she passes.
It starts raining and everywhere is muddy. One Danfo bus from who-knows-where swerves in her direction to avoid a pothole. She loses her chic-ness and tries to jump over the gutter. She misses a step and Splash! Into the ditch.
What does she do next, you ask?

Nothing I reply.

Why? You ask again

She doesn't know she has fallen into the ditch!

This is madness I perceive you thinking.

Or a poorly-woven story with a nice beginning but a shabby ending, I reply (I'm helping you with your thoughts here)

Okay now, I know you'd be wondering what the point actually is. Thats the idea.
Didn't it sound like madness that a good-looking lady like that fell into the ditch and stayed there. I mean, its senseless, isn't it?

Well, that's the world for you. The present world we're in actually. Everyone has got it figured out unaware we might just be in the ditch.
We've got Diplomas in Justification and PhDs in Self Deception.

The fact that I choose to believe that petrol is apple juice will not still change the nature of the fluid. I'm only deceiving me.
A wrong belief system is a moral fall. So we are like that lady when we have fallen and don't even know it.
Bad decisions make us fall.
Secret sins make us fall.
I must emphasize, its human to fall but staying on the ground is pure foolishness.
We need to pick ourselves up from accepting what the media pushes into our face as normal. I'm not talking physical demonstration but Mental Reformation. Your true freedom is not in making any decision you want but the right ones.

Myles Munroe once said "Our decisions are personal but never private"
I'll explain that with this sentence - Live your life not for yourself but for the millions of lives your destiny is attached to.
You can't keep messing around with procrastination, your idea you chose to dump might be a nation's last hope.
If you don't understand, ask Martin Luther King (Jnr.) or Nelson Mandela. Nelson could have chosen to sulk over his prison term but he came out of his fall, after the bruise to become president.

Stop sulking over your mistakes! Get up! There's a whole lot out there to explore.

Our perceptions are bruised when we accept wrong as right.
Our moral values are bruised when we're comfortable with decadence.

So my aim is to share with you what to do after the bruise. Some references will be made to the Bible cuz that's my guiding manual. There so many questions life pushes in our way that can never be answered. So do we sit and watch? Never.

- Understanding the situation is key
Asking the right questions help a lot.
Why did I fall?
What were my options?
Is my present response helping the situation?
If this happens again, what will I do?

Falling is an indication of your weakness/ignorance at the time of falling (just like the baby) cuz the Bible said if your strength fails you in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

- Some situations are beyond your control! (The exclamation was needed)
Sometimes in life, we can't stop that rain from falling, nor the driver from swerving but we can control ourselves from falling in the gutter.
For situations beyond your control, learn to live with them and make the best use if possible.

- Learn from the fall and anticipate more likely causes.

- Blaming the cause of the fall is not the solution.
Imagine her blaming the Danfo driver for the fall, he'll only laugh at you cuz you are the least of his worries actually.
Stop blaming the situation, person, circumstance. That's precious time-wasting.

- Share the experience with someone, you might just learn something.
Don't form Jet Li. Share it with someone (someone you trust), hear their experience.
You might not get the answer you need but you'll be lighter and happier when you let the load off.
There too many fake advisers out there I must add. Too many. Have you tried Jesus?

- Try not to fall again.
Rule number 1 - Fresh chics shouldn't walk in the rain.
i.e. Circumstances that expose you to danger or going back to that same experience should be avoided!
Once you walk in the rain, expect anything.

- After the Bruise, move on.

I end with this quote by Mark Aurelius...

"If you are distressed by anything external,
the pain is not due to the thing in itself,
but to your estimate of it...

...and this you have the power to revoke at any moment!"

After the bruise...what do we do?
We rise!
We shake off the dirt.
We learn from the fall.
We hold our head high cuz that's what is expected!


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