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Work at home wife vs Working Class Wife?

Without much ado, I'd just like you to carefully read the outcomes of a poll I conducted yesterday on BBM with a small sample size of 17 people (ages 21-26). It all started with a thought of what kind of wife would be most suitable for child development.

Then I threw it open to people who I believe would in a few years/months plan to tie the knot. I was glad I did. Enjoy...

I asked the guys what choice of wives they'll prefer...
1. Age 22, Works as a design engineer...(Choice - Working Class)
"Working class, Business women do too much amebo, mostly nosy. It's better you keep women busy at work"

2. Age 21-22, postgrad student...(prefers Working Class)

Work at home mum? Image credit: Here
"I don't want liability, I want asset. I guess that would be working class"

3. 21-23, works in a design outfit (prefers Working Class)
"You've got to be up and doing, staying at home dulls the head"

4. 24...undergrad (prefers Working class)
"working class but it depends on the work though, no banks."

5. 24...(prefers Working class)
"I want both sha...two wives"

Guy 6. 22, (prefers working class)
"My choice? working class"

7. Postgrad student (choice - working class)
"An idle mind is the devil's workshop *laughs* besides I'm an economist"
Me: What of a wife like Tara?
"Tara is one in a billion, I won't mind marrying a lecturer...NOT teacher lecturer"

8. 22, Self-employed (choice - "None")
Me: *laughs* Seriously, just answer
"I don't want to marry"
Me: "Wow! I'm shocked, why exactly"
"I don't see the point, I might have a partner, but don't want to marry. I don't think it's for me."

9. 23, Self-employed (choice - Stay @ Home)
"Once she get belle,She go resign straight-up from working class go home class"
Me: *laughs* "Hillarious!"
"True story o, No be househelp go raise my pikin oo...before my baby first words go be househelp name"
Me: *laughs* "You're right man...But ladies out there, at least from tonight want to be working class...surprisingly"
"Dem dey craze, dem one dey carry my pikin go do office work"

10. 23, Engineer (choice - Anyone)
"Well anyone would do for me, just need a wife that's pursuing a vision. Technically not staying at home, she has to have something she's pursuing. So she's gotta work."
Me: "hmm...makes sense"
"But not those provision store things o! Real work like Tara House"
Me: *laughs* nice one
"Just wanted to point out the difference, I've got my dreams, let her have hers too, support each other and raise a great family"
(continues) "In life vision must align to have a successful union. I can't be thinking global scale while she's thinking village scale"

I asked the ladies what they'd prefer to be...
1. 24, Postgrad - (choice - working class)
- No reason

2. 22, Consultant (choice - working class)
"Working class wife o, she will always represent. At least you're sure she won't become a complete orobo"
Me: "What of the home?"
"You people will juggle things na...Grandmas will have more work to do....Men respect working class wifes than housewives"

3. 25, Postgrad (choice - working class)
"working class abeg...That'll be my own benchmark for fulfillment, I won't feel like I'm achieving much staying at home and chopping my husband's money"

4. 25, Self-empoyed (choice - Stay@home)
"I want to have time for myself, my husband and kids...I will work for a while, probably 10 years or less, the start my line and other biz"
Image Credit: Here

5. Self-employed (choice - Stay @ home)
"I like home wife doing business"
Me: "Lots of ladies went for working class"
"I'm not up for abeg...You get time to take care of your family"

6. 22, Employee (Choice - Working Class or Stay @ Home)
"Working class...It has to be a decision between me and my husband"
Me: "Okay but would you compromise if otherwise?"
"Even if he wants me to be a Stay@home wife, I must work for some years. I'm a career person and I know it. I've got so many plans that must be achieved and dreams that must come to pass"
Me: Okay, so what of the family?"
"Of course, I would always take care of my family,it's the most important thing even at this my youthful age...As far as his work can continually put food on the table and my children and I won't suffer, then no problem (i.e. Stay at home), But if his job is not all that, you can like me to work as well"

7. 26, Self-employed (choice - Stay @ Home)
"Stay at home, you need any info or advice?"
Me: "I'm open, please ride on"

First and foremost, every woman's duty is to her husband and the family they create together. So, in my opinion, staying at home and doing your own business gives you all the time to be with your family and do your duty. That's the first. Think about being a part of your children's development.
And who say's staying at home means sitting in one shop. I believe doing your own business opens you up to a lot of opportunities and helps you explore your dreams and all the chances open to you in life.

Me: hmm...I concur

And if more women think in that line, we'll be able to break the jinx of unruly and uncultured chuldren and if you want to look at it in terms of leadership, nobody builds a leader better than a dedicated mother.

Me: True That! I thought of this same thing from the perspective of raising great children...not average ones.

If we want to look at it from the bible point of view, the Proverbs 31 woman was a very successful business woman, not working for an organization and able to keep tab on her family.
If a man marries a woman that all she wants is to sit at home while she has some maids running her supermarket or boutique for her, then he can definitely say that a Stay-at-Home wife is boring and dulling.
Trust me, a passionate and hardworking woman will redefine working from home and make the best use of her brains, energy, time and all at her disposal, including his money.

In conclusion, I totally stand for a stay-at-home wife doing her own business. That woman is the real woman and she rocks!

That being said, after reading these wonderful perspectives, WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS?


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