Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good People Great Nation...?

I love Nigeria and no matter where I might go in this world, nothing would still substitute my love for the country.

This write-up is meant for you and I to think through some issues I’ll be revealing shortly. But before you read I’d Like to do a sort of traffic check cuz I write as one who speaks to an audience. And my audience today is one I’d like to be choosy about.

First if you are have doubts about Nigeria then you need not go through the stress of reading this.
I’ve got my facts laid out and some sources to back it up and mosdef open to your honest criticism. What I’ll be sharing is based on in-depth research and sources of any info I give will be referenced for your voluntary perusal.

In 2009, the overseas-driven ‘Rebranding Nigeria’ project was initiated for a supposed home-based impact and speculations arose as to whether it would have an impact on Nigeria’s Vision 2020. Good People Great Nation. I totally bought the idea; at least the change had to start somehow. But from my own view has not gotten any far.

We are one of the largest oil-producing nations and Nigeria still imports from other countries. Hillary Clinton in her visit to Nigeria described it as embarrassing and due to some self-seeking-as-long-as-I’m-comfortable-you-can-go-to-blazes top government officials.

July 2008, Nigeria agreed to supply Ghana 30 million cubic metres of gas for power generation.
We supply electricity to Ghana that boasts of 24hrs of uninterrupted power supply yet we can’t boast of 10 hours of interrupted supply.

I complain of the degrading economy and you are not innocent of that either, yet we are the cause of it. HOW? You ask. The average Nigerian is a natural consumer, we do not produce. We buy virtually everything from clothes to food to even crude oil that we produce here! This is not right! This is one of the major reasons why the Naira will keep depreciating and Mr Inflation will maintain his obese form.

American Outsourcing: I’m not going to compare us to America and that’s not even the aim but I want to break this down for you to know.
America is a country that outsources a large percentage of jobs to countries where they get cheap labour: China India, etc. India for your info produces, China produces.

America gets cheap labour from China (reduced expenditure on labour), China gets money (liquid asset) in return. Both parties smile home happy.

Now come down to Nigeria, Nigeria doesn’t produce so we buy what we want from America et al even as far as imported toothpicks (helping their economy) and we get our consumables in return{nothing goes back to our economy), Naira keeps dropping in value and Inflation rises. Now why for goodness sake do we keep blaming the leaders.

Some problems we face are just too basic to be called problems! I’ll give you a scenario.

About 6 years back, coming home one day from school I had crossed this busy express road and on the other side people were gathered. So I moved close to check out what had happened. Lying on the floor right there was a woman, not just a woman but a pregnant one and it was an accident. She was there helpless and the car that hit her had disappeared. So I thought to myself, what it costs to build an overhead bridge. A senator’s allowances alone could cover the expenses.

Enough has been said, I could go on forever and nothing would still change but I have a message:
We call ourselves the youths and leaders of tomorrow so lets start acting like we really are.
As many as still believe in that change, I urge you to never give up on Nigeria, pursue what you believe in because EXCELLENCE SELLS!

“We are what we repeatedly do so excellence then is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

No one (not even me) will go for your product if its not up to standard. So if you play football - play good, if you cook – cook your best, if you write – write to inspire, if you want to go into politics – go with a will to serve, and if you’re not sure of what you want to do yet – be the best at whatever comes your way. Let’s use what we have to make our own country Nigeria what its supposed to be!

So this is what I think and it has been shared from my perspective…WHAT IS UR OWN IDEA? Give your feedbacks below. I rest my case…



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