Sunday, October 9, 2011


Let's talk. It's been a while you know. How well have you spent this year?

Okay here's a checklist since I can't get feedback.

On a scale of 1-10, hw would you rate your year goals that have been achieved?

How many books have you read?

How many lives have you impacted?

How close have you been to God?

By the end of this note I hope to get you stirred up.

I subscribed to John Maxwell's daily teachings and so far they've helped me a great deal in my personal effectiveness.
This thought came to my head today and I'd share with you.

Imagine success as a torchlight in a dark environment.
The torch can't illuminate the whole place but can only see a considerable distance. When you take little steps forward, you cover the distance the torch can see and notice that it illuminates another new distance ahead. You take more steps forward and before you know it, you've covered miles with this little torch.

That's success...taking little steps towards greatness.
But sadly, there's tendency to be a 'Torch-holder' . A torch-holder stands and laments at how he can't see far, the ailing economy, the poor government and all.

Torch Holder?
But then, there are 'Torch-explorers'. They aren't limited as they know that limits are simply unexplored boundaries, they explore and make do with the little they have.
So which one are you? Torch-Holder or Explorer?

There's this common myth of money making one wealthy but I beg to differ. Don't throw the tomatoes yet.
Think of it, you enter a bus and the driver takes you to your destination, then you alight and pay the fare.
What you pay for is the value he has offered you? Only people of value can be wealthy!

Why does the employer pay the worker? Value
The only way to be great is to add value. We do not need people to hold torches and complain of the limited light. Explore!

So how can you be a Torch-Explorer?
I'd share with you what a person shared with John Maxwell years ago which spurred his dream and set him on turbo speed. It's the hot-poker principle!

If you have never learnt a thing from this blog, please go with this 5 nuggets and write them and absorb. You'll be glad you did.

Nugget 1: Spend time with great people

Nugget 2: Visit great places

Nugget 3: Attend great events

Nugget 4: Read great books

Nugget 5: Listen to great tapes

Steve Jobs was a man of value. David Oyedepo is a man of value. Will you be a (wo)man of value?

Remember this - "You can become the star of the hour if you make the minutes count". Don't just hold the torch, move!


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